William C. Mohler


DevOps Architect and Automation Specialist

Bill's Home Network
Bill's Home Network This my network at home. it also serves as my lab for testing automation in virtual environment.
Sunbeams A beautiful view of sunbeams.
Winter Wonderland
Winter Wonderland
Stunning moonrise
Stunning moonrise

Improving systems improves life.

    Systems are everywhere, especially in IT. There are systems in the sense of operating systems, networks, databases, applications, and the systems that include all of these and more. There are also systems for processes, policies, and procedures. Frequently, these types of systems are changed, updated, etc. with little regard to the technical systems.

    DevOps means many things to many people. It is a very subjective term. To me, it means putting in place systems and processes that facilitate improved application preformance and reliability. It means taking a holistic approach that includes not only the technical systems, but the management systems and how they affect one another.

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